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The Allart Select Range

Unleash your imagination with the Frank Allart Select range. Over 100 Lever or Knob designs are available to choose from, with matching or complementary Rosette or Plate designs, all in a variety of sizes.

The choice doesn’t end there... we offer a vast selection of Turn and Swing Cover designs, and with many different locking functions you will be able to take one design theme and use it throughout your project.Or perhaps you could choose a variety of complementary or contrasting themes to individualise different spaces..

With a palette of over 30 metal finishes & patinas available across the entire Frank Allart door, window and cabinet furniture range you can really deliver a lasting impression.

All our products are meticulously hand finished with the utmost attention to detail to meet the aspirations of today’s discerning customer. Allart Select provides an extensive choice to suit most modern day applications, whilst also providing traditional solutions for refurbishment and restoration projects.

Want to visualise your lever or knob? Why not use our Configurator tool to help see how our levers or knobs look across a variety of different backplates.

Visual Configurator


We've built a custom Visualiser so you can easily see hardware combinations and choose exactly what you want for your next project.

  • Visualise a vast selection of combinations
  • Download a simple spec sheet PDF

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