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The Visualiser

The Frank Allart Select Range allows you to configure our hardware to any specific style or function. We can put separate finished levers or knobs on a variety of back plates and rosettes. All with a wide array of sizes and functions so you can specify your hardware exactly how you want it to look and how you need it to perform.

And to help you choose the right style for your next project, we've built a custom Visualiser so you can easily see how different hardware combinations will look. Simply start the process by selecting a Lever or Knob.

Want to visualise your lever or knob? Why not use our Configurator tool to help see how our levers or knobs look across a variety of different backplates.

Visual Configurator


We've built a custom Visualiser so you can easily see hardware combinations and choose exactly what you want for your next project.

  • Visualise a vast selection of combinations
  • Download a simple spec sheet PDF

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